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Welcome to Yorty’s Ether Store

Here’s a way to buy and sell Ethereum without the high fees and intrusion into your personal information. It takes longer because it’s using good old-fashioned checks and money orders, but I think it’s the safest way to go.


So here’s a way to safely and inexpensively buy and sell Ethereum. I hope that there will be more ways to do this soon but I haven’t found a better one yet.

To take advantage of this opportunity, start by signing up for LocalCryptos.

LocalCryptos gives us free online crypto wallets, provides a private chat service and an automated escrow service. This service is “non-custodial” which just means they don’t take any of our financial info or hold any of our money. They just provide the software tools and support to help us trade directly with each other.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. The seller puts ether into the escrow
  2. The buyer makes out a check, or money order and sends it in the mail to the seller
  3. The seller receives the check and deposits the money.
  4. When the money settles in the account, the seller releases the ether from escrow into the buyer’s wallet on LocalCryptos.

We make our trading terms directly with each other. We get to chat in a private online chat first. The offers on this site vary on how much I can trade, but they are at market price for ETH.

The only fees involved are the ones paid to LocalCryptos for their trading platform and to Ethereum network itself. LocalCryptos gives me a part of their (0.75%) fee for referring you to them. The market price that I match is the one set by Gemini.

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Instead of giving out our personal financial information to a government regulated exchange, we just talk to each other directly. If for any reason we are uncomfortable, we can easily decide to not do the exchange.

The offers in this store are not listed publicly on LocalCryptos. They are only offered here through the buy and sell buttons below.

If you would like to take advantage of this store’s offers, first create your LocalCryptos account, then come back here and select “Buy Ether” or “Sell Ether” below.