Day 113: Every Honorable Thing

Romans 12:17b

Respect what is honorable in the sight of all men.

As Christians, we are supposed to try to do what people think is honorable as long as it doesn’t go against God. People may think it is honorable to recycle garbage and even
though recycling garbage may not accomplish much in this world before God burns it up, it is seen as honorable before men in some cultures. So we find that different cultures have different ideas about what is honorable. It should be our goal as believers to live as God’s ambassadors in this world. We don’t belong to the cultures of this world any more, but it is a good thing for us to be honorable in this culture in the name of Jesus.

If you were following as we went through Acts, you will remember that when Paul went to Jerusalem, he shaved his head and took an oath before appearing before the Jews there. The Bible doesn’t say that Christians should shave their heads and take oaths, but the Bible does tell us to be as honorable as we can as we live our lives in front of others.

Remember that Jesus made Himself a human which was outside of his normal culture in order to represent God to us. It only makes sense for us to do the same.