Day 12: Wonders and Signs

Acts 2:43 :

Fear came on every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles.

We read earlier that every believer has the Holy Spirit, and we know that any believer can do a miracle if God allows him to, but Luke places special emphasis on the miracles that were called “wonders and signs” done through the apostles. These wonders and signs were ways to show that they were special messengers from God that should be listened to.

Some people today claim that they are continuing the “wonders and signs” and even call themselves apostles. I think it is fine to call yourself an apostle because it is basically the same word we use for “missionary.” In a way, we are all called to some degree to do the work of an apostle, but in the context of what Luke says here, it is obvious that he is talking only about the special people that Jesus chose to be apostles and these apostles are in heaven now.

Some people today do signs and wonders but I have discovered that many of the wonders that they do are questionable. The wonders that the apostles were doing were constructive and helped people just like the ones that Jesus did. Many of the “signs and wonders” today not only don’t help anyone but they confuse people instead. It is important for us to be careful about where spiritual activity comes from. There are good spirits and bad spirits and the bad ones can do “signs and wonders” too. You can read about this in the story of the Exodus. The magicians were able to do many of the signs that Moses did.

One important special sign that stopped after the apostles died, was the special duty to write the Bible. Some claim that they are adding new things to the Bible today, but this is not acceptable because the Bible indicates about itself, that only certain “holy prophets” were set apart for this purpose. Because of this, we should not listen to those who claim to be writing new parts of the Bible, or who claim to do “signs and wonders” that allow them to add new parts to the Bible or change what it says.