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Daily Devotional Books by Troy Taft

183 Days in John
Take a 183 journey through the Bible book of John. Use these short devotionals to get into the habit of spending time every day reading God’s book. Discover how valuable the Bible is to our lives as Christians today. The book of John was written that those who read it might believe in Jesus.

72 Days in Galatians
The Galatians tried to make Christianity into a system of good works and behavior. This book destroys that concept head-on and shows us in no uncertain terms what God actually intends. Go through the Bible book of Galatians with Troy Taft in 72 daily readings, or just read it all now.

220 Days in Luke
Go through the life of Jesus from the perspective of Dr. Luke. He tends to provide more detail than the other records of Jesus’ life. Go through this amazing study a little bit each day and gain direction and encouragement for life as you focus on the life of Jesus.

164 Days in Acts
What happens after Jesus goes up into heaven. Read the book of acts with me and find out! This is what the Holy Spirit does through us to bring God’s Kingdom to those who will hear. Find out how the original church operated and what happened to Jesus disciples.

You can also find some of Troy Taft’s books on Amazon Kindle.

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