Getting Real Money

Wouldn’t it be great if you could protect your money from inflation and help promote my content at the same time? You can by opening an account at the United Precious Metals Association (UPMA). By opening a gold and silver account at the UPMA you protect your money inflation, inappropriate taxation and from the control of the tyrannical banking system. Here are some videos that explain more about how it works.

The UPMA is not just a another place to store your investments in gold. It’s a completely different concept. It’s organized as a non-profit organization. It’s an association of members that has the feel of a credit union that exists for its members. One of the unique member benefits is that it doesn’t buy low and sell high (no spread in investor’s terms). Members always get the posted rates. This video has more information about that:

The UPMA holds your money physically in gold or silver in its storage facility. It is insured and can even be linked to a debit card.

The UPMA holds your gold and silver in U.S. silver and gold coins. This means that you are buying and selling using money not barter. It also means that you shouldn’t have to pay taxes just for spending your gold or silver money to buy things.

When you use U.S. gold and silver coins to make purchases, you are not required to pay capital gains taxes. Switching your money to paper does cause the government to wrongfully attempt to make you pay a large (up to 28 percent) tax though. UPMA provides a tool to protect members from this by offering a pawn service.

If you want to join the UPMA you can use my link to sign up and it will help me. The sign up process is surprisingly easy! Just tap or click on UPMA below