Day 83: A Serious Disagreement

Acts 15:1-4 :

Some men came down from Judea and taught the brothers, “Unless you are circumcised after the custom of Moses, you can’t be saved.” Therefore when Paul and Barnabas had no small discord and discussion with them, they appointed Paul and Barnabas, and some others of them, to go up to Jerusalem to the apostles and elders about this question. They, being sent on their way by the assembly, passed through both Phoenicia and Samaria, declaring the conversion of the Gentiles. They caused great joy to all the brothers. When they had come to Jerusalem, they were received by the assembly and the apostles and the elders, and they reported all things that God had done with them.

Arguments, like war, can be good or bad. In the Bible, we have examples of both. In general it would be good if we never had any arguments again, but that just doesn’t happen in this world. The Bible tells us of a time in the near future when all war will completely stop on earth for 1000 years. This will only happen when Jesus returns.

Men are often convinced that they are able to bring peace on earth, but none of them ever succeed at bringing a lasting peace. What is going to be different about the reign of Jesus? Well, there are two things that I know of. For one, Jesus will be here physically and He will be taking charge. When people do what Jesus says then things work better. The other thing is that Satan will be in jail and unable to do what he does to stir up people against each other.

I think that what we read about here in this passage was a thing that was started by Satan in the minds of some of the Jewish people. The effects of this idea still do damage today. This matter was serious enough that “Paul and Barnabas had no small discord and discussion” about it. The problem is, mistakes in thinking about salvation and the Law of Moses can completely destroy Christianity. This matter is worth arguing over.

As we read on, you will see that this matter is still worth arguing about today.