Day 88: Another Disagreement

Acts 15:36-41 :

After some days Paul said to Barnabas, “Let’s return now and visit our brothers in every city in which we proclaimed the word of the Lord, to see how they are doing.” Barnabas planned to take John, who was called Mark, with them also. But Paul didn’t think that it was a good idea to take with them someone who had withdrawn from them in Pamphylia, and didn’t go with them to do the work. Then the contention grew so sharp that they separated from each other. Barnabas took Mark with him, and sailed away to Cyprus, but Paul chose Silas, and went out, being commended by the brothers to the grace of God. He went through Syria and Cilicia, strengthening the assemblies.

Paul and Barnabas had been working together for quite a while now. They had been through some pretty difficult things together. Evidently, John Mark wasn’t willing to go through some of those difficult things with them at one point and Paul couldn’t trust him to stand with them on their trip. Barnabas must have believed that John Mark was not going to do that again, and history tells us that Barnabas was right. The fact is these two guys had a major argument and ended up having to split up over it.

It is hard for me to hear this story and unfortunately, it is difficult for me today when I hear that two organizations spilt with each other over disagreements. In the end, we know that John Mark and Paul were reunited as friends. We also know that Barnabas was together with Paul in Galatia as well. When Christians argue, it doesn’t have to be the end. We need each other as Christians and we need to heal and get back together as soon as it is possible.

There are a couple of ministries in particular that I know of at this time that I wish would reunite. I pray to that end because, no matter what things were done in the past, they both are a part in helping me to grow in the knowledge of God and His word and I believe that the Bible tells me that they will be back together again if they are both serious for Him. I feel the same way about believers who have had divorces. If they really are believers, they should remember that this old physical life is short and we will be living together forever in perfection.