Author’s Preface

The book of John settles some issues that many people needlessly question. Through John’s witness, we learn that Jesus really did claim to be God. We learn that He was the only one able to save all of mankind from being condemned by God. We learn what it means when a Christian is “saved” and what it means to “believe in Jesus.” We also discover that Jesus was our Creator and our Savior.

Like the rest of the Bible, The Book of John is very relevant. We discover that science and politics have not weakened the message about Jesus Christ although many people think there are problems between the Bible and these things. In this wonderful book of the Bible we find clear evidence that God really is the Creator of science and knows all about true leadership; much more than modern man does.

In John we see the true Messiah. He wasn’t just a great teacher or a token of abuse, He is the Savior of mankind and He knew it all along. Possibly the most important theme in this book is the resurrection of the dead. This book holds the precious eye-witness evidence that Jesus overcame death and an attempt was made to cover it up. We still have the truth if we dare to read about it in John.

I am completely unworthy to write about God’s word. My intent was to allow God to do the speaking through my mind and words. I pray that you will be built up and that if you haven’t already that you may believe in Jesus the one who conquered mankind’s worst enemy.