Day 106: The Kind of Death He Died

John 12:33 : And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” But he said this, signifying by what kind of death he should die.

The movie: “The Passion” by Mel Gibson, was opposed by many people before it even got to the theaters. For months before its release, people were warned not to watch it. Somehow, it became very popular. It is one of the most popular out-of-the-mainstream movies ever made. I think that this verse that we are reading today explains why this happened.

In the movie, Jesus tells His mother, “I make all things new” as He was going to His death. This is a big boast for a person to make who isn’t telling the truth. It turned out to be true, however. Jesus’ death certainly has drawn me, and His death made me a new person. I believe it is probably why you are reading this now. God caused me to understand what Jesus’ death was for, and that it was because of this death, that I am no longer held to judgment for my sin. Sin has been a very big problem in the world. Not only the sins done against us, but the sin that we have done that has wounded our conscience.

Again, in the context of answering the Gentiles, we read that Jesus said, “I will draw all people.” This was for the whole world to have as John has made clear throughout this book.

Those who believe in Jesus no longer have to live in fear. We no longer have to worry that God is ready to destroy us. He already has punished us for our sin when He killed Jesus body. There is a deep meaning to this. John tells us at the beginning of the book that it was through Jesus the world was made, now we see that it is by Jesus body, all the sin of mankind is paid for. We are truly free of our guilt, no matter what any man may say (John 3:16).