Day 20: The Land Before Shame

Genesis 2:25

They were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

In the last part, I explained that the way that God created woman and the things that God said, tell us how we should live today in marriage. It would not be correct to think that this next verse is to be practiced today! We will soon find out why as we study Genesis, but this brings up a good point about context.

A person could attempt to pull this verse out and quote it separately as a reason that we should be living without clothing today. We all know that this is absurd, but why do we know that? We know that we naturally feel ashamed today. There are some who try to feel no shame, but they may have made their own conscience dull by ignoring the truth or deciding to not believe in the reality of sinful human nature.

This is one more example why it is a significant error to take the Bible out of context. Words have meaning in context in any writing and the Bible is no different. The Bible can be made to say almost anything if you take words away from the context in which they were written. Satan is aware of this as we read later too.