Day 190: There Will Be War

Luke 21:7-9

They asked him, “Teacher, so when will these things be? What is the sign that these things are about to happen?”

He said, “Watch out that you don’t get led astray, for many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The time is at hand.’ Therefore don’t follow them. When you hear of wars and disturbances, don’t be terrified, for these things must happen first, but the end won’t come immediately.”

Contrary to what many claim, the Bible tells us that this age will be a time of war. That doesn’t mean that we should be the ones who make it, it’s just a fact of the age that we are in. Just as Jesus predicted that the Temple would be torn down, He also predicted that some very scary things were going to happen as the world clashes with itself.

Paul, in his Biblical writings even calls this the “present evil age.” One good thing that we can take from this is that we should be thinking realistically about the existence of war. Although we should strive for peace, we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that mankind can create peace on earth without Jesus. The Bible is very clear that only Jesus can bring true peace. The Bible also tells us that there will be false peace that will end in war created by the Antichrist. This is a world leader who will present himself as a peacemaker but end up breaking his promise and bringing war.

I am not sure if my interpretation is correct here, but it appears that Jesus is comforting us by telling us not to think that the world is going to end in war during this time. Perhaps this is a message to us to not worry about self-destruction. God is keeping the earth for a specific future. Another thing to remember is that, although Jesus could come at any time, we should remember that it could keep going on like this for a while. There are many who try to interpret the words of scripture to get a date or a season of time when Jesus will return. I believe that the scripture is very clear that we won’t know. If we think we do, then that must be a time when Jesus won’t be coming. Jesus clearly tells us He will come at a time when we don’t expect Him. It could be before you finish reading this, or it could be after your great-great grandchildren have passed away. Even though Jesus hasn’t told us the time, it is always time for us to be ready for Him.