Day 194: The Teacher

Luke 21:37-38

Every day Jesus was teaching in the temple, and every night he would go out and spend the night on the mountain that is called Olivet. All the people came early in the morning to him in the temple to hear him.

It is clear to see that Jesus was completely dedicated to doing His work for those He came to serve. Even though there were clearly people who hated Him and wanted to kill Him, He continued to go into the Temple every day and teach while He was in Jerusalem. People must have loved His teaching because they came early in the morning to hear Him.

Jesus went to Mt. Olivet every night during that time. I can’t tell from this passage, but I do know from other passages that Jesus prayed there sometimes. Perhaps He did every night. It doesn’t appear that Jesus had a house to go to either. Perhaps that’s because His house was the temple! I believe that Jesus really loved His job while He was here on earth. It wasn’t a very nice job sometimes because God wanted Him to speak in parables that He know people didn’t understand, but I believe His heart was in it. I believe that is how we all should be. We should do the work that we want to do and if we don’t want to do the work that God has given us, we should ask Him to give us the heart for it. What a difference it makes to enjoy your work!

It is easy to get confused and think that God wants us to reject our desires. God actually gives good desires and these are mixed in with the bad desires that we have. We shouldn’t do the bad things but we should be doing the good. I don’t think God intends for us to work every day out of duty alone, but that we should seek Him to give us the love for what He wants us to do.