Day 67: Looking to the Future

Luke 6:21 :

Blessed are you who hunger now,
for you will be filled.
Blessed are you who weep now,
for you will laugh.

We will never find a “Heaven on Earth.” We are a spoiled creation, made defective by our sin against God and no matter how much we want a perfect life or how much we try to create one, we will fail because imperfection cannot create perfection.

The belief in evolution challenges this thinking by suggesting that things naturally improve over time without cause, but the reality that we see around us is that things get worse, the more time we spend away from our Creator. We were made for something more and if we are honest with ourselves, we realize this quite naturally. It is no wonder that we find ourselves hungry at times in our lives or that we feel like crying because this world doesn’t meet our expectations and those who really are honest will have to be hungry and will have to cry.

Those who refuse to face the futility of life are more apt to fill every waking moment with a distracting activity that will take their minds off of reality in some way or another. Perhaps by eating food we can at least enjoy food and forget that we will soon die, or by watching a funny movie we can distract our minds from the fact that we lack meaning in our lives.

Here in the United States we have plenty of movies and food to make us laugh and be full, but we need what every person in the world needs and that is to be saved from certain punishment from God because of our sin. We need a reason to live and do what is good. We need Jesus.

All of us need to realize, at some point, that we are in trouble and trouble is very serious. We should be crying before we become a believer. We should realize that we are poor toward God, hungry for God, and sad that we can’t get to God. When we get to that place, we are ready for Jesus.