Day 28: The Careful Interpretation of Scripture

Galatians 3:15-16 :

Brothers, speaking of human terms, though it is only a man’s covenant, yet when it has been confirmed, no one makes it void, or adds to it. Now the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. He doesn’t say, “To seeds,” as of many, but as of one, “To your seed,” which is Christ.

Notice how closely Paul looks at the scriptures here. It is important to get “detail oriented” when going over this part of the Bible. Some of the messages from God are highly detailed and need to be carefully studied in order to understand them well. This is very important for us today.

Not only does Paul explain scripture, he shows us how to study it. Paul was a well trained Jewish scholar and knew how to properly study the scriptures. It make sense for us to learn from his example.

This is an important passage for Paul to explain for another reason. In English, the meaning of the word “seed” can be used in two ways. It can mean all of the seeds of a kind, or a single physical seed. Paul’s explanation here makes it clear that the Old Testament was using the singular form when it was giving us information about who Abraham’s promises were spoken to. This turns out to be critical to the Gospel.

It’s important for us to pay attention to the Bible and not just to those who talk about it. You should study and understand the basis of the interpretation so that you can read the Bible for yourself. When you do this, however, remember how important it is to pay attention to all of the words.

So, what’s the big deal about God referring to a single seed? Well, it means that the promise wasn’t given to all of the physical children of Abraham. It was only given to one, and that was Jesus Christ. Anyone who wants to participate in these promises, must come through The One, Jesus Christ.

Let’s also not forget the nature of God’s promises. Human covenants are only valuable when they can’t be changed. Mankind breaks covenants, but God doesn’t. When He promises, He follows through. God made this promise to us in Jesus Christ, the seed, and we can depend on it.