Day 103: Hold On!

Romans 12:9c

Cling to that which is good.

When we are thinking in our right minds, we know that good is good because it really helps people. Good things are good for us. The Bible says that we are naturally bad. The fact that so many people stop doing good things, is clear evidence of that.

Satan, the influences of the world and our flesh, make it so easy to leave the good path and do “a little” bad here and there. Paul tells us to “cling” to what is good. In this life it can feel like we are in an earthquake or in a storm that tries shake us free from what is good. Paul’s word to us is to hold on tight. God will help us and we are doing the right thing even though it may seem crazy to the world around us.

When we get to the end of this storm, we will quickly forget the bad things that happened here and be thankful for every moment that we spent doing what God wanted us to do.