Day 43: The Law Brings Charges

Romans 5:13 :

For until the law, sin was in the world; but sin is not charged when there is no law.

When you study Bible history, you discover that sinners were in the world for quite some time before God’s Law was given to Moses. So, for hundreds of years the charges for sin could not be made. This does not mean that there were no sinners. All the law does is expose the problem so that the sin can be charged. It doesn’t cause the sin to exist.

The truth about anything in the universe is already existing in God. No human law has to be made for the truth to exist but with a law the truth can be made perfectly clear to us. Before the Holy Spirit makes His word known to us, we are tempted to think that we define all the rules and that truth can somehow be negotiated.

As a country leaves the absolute truth of The Almighty, they begin to fragment and loose hold of meaning in life. It is actually very likely that insanity will ultimately result. It is easy to see why people would be abused as different “truths” collide as well. We have a lot to thank God for because He made the truth known to us in His word.

Government: Real democracy starts with an understanding that The Almighty has provided an absolute law. That’s what made the United States possible when it started. It mentions God very clearly in founding documents as do all the states. If new democracies want to last, I recommend that they follow the clear pattern: recognize the God of the Jews who gave us the laws of the universe. Recognize His mercy, grace and His law. Only then will stability and freedom exist.