Author’s Preface

In the Book of Acts, Luke continues the story of Jesus; this time through the lives of his disciples. It starts out right before Jesus goes up into the sky, so it overlaps with Luke’s first book, giving us even more information. Again, Luke gives us all the details as you would expect of a physician, but this time, Luke provides a great deal of his own eye-witness accounts of the events in the life of Paul.

One special thing about this book, is that it takes is through the lives of real Christians who were joyfully struggling to spread the good news to everyone they could. They had real problems, both with each other, and with non-believers. Taking time to consider their lives every day, gives us time to meditate on how we can deal with the situations we find ourselves in. We may find ourselves in situations as bad as they had, but often, their situations really were much worse. Reading about how they lived in joy through it all is very encouraging.

Because this book is about the first days of the church and how it grew, it has a lot to say about how to spread the gospel message to others. This book also deals with church splits and theological disagreement. It helps us with how to deal with people who may be saying what sound like good words, or are very religious, but are actually a distraction to the gospel. It talks a lot about the Holy Spirit and discovering God’s will. Yes, I do discuss government systems and I even talk about praying in restaurants. There is even a little situational comedy. Often, it is hard hitting because the lives of these simple Christians can expose our lack of commitment.

I don’t give you all the answers in book because, as you know, I don’t have them all, but that’s a great thing about reading the entire book of Acts in your devotions. I don’t have to tell you everything because you are reading God’s words and His Holy Spirit will show you the best parts. May God continue to bless and encourage you in your daily Christian life as we go through this book together.