Day 128: We Live Because He Does

John 14:19 – Yet a little while, and the world will see me no more; but you will see me. Because I live, you will live also.

Jesus mentions that soon He will be leaving the world. He also says that His disciples will still see Him. I believe that Jesus is talking about seeing Him spiritually here. It is true that Jesus was soon to die and be resurrected and be seen again, but in that case, He would still be in the world and the world would still be able to see Him too.

In this case, I believe that Jesus is talking about the time after He leaves them to go to be with the Father and prepare a place for them.

As Christians, we can still see Jesus when we are given vivid memories of what He has done and are made to realize the things that He is still doing in us. Like I mentioned yesterday, Jesus wants to live His life through us, and more will be said about this soon.

Jesus ties our life to His when He says: “Because I live, you will live too.” This is not a small thing. Jesus died for us by taking us into Himself. The Bible teaches that the whole race of mankind died in Jesus’ body the day He died. If we believe, we recognize that we died “in” Jesus. I believe that what Jesus is telling us here is that because Jesus will resurrect, that we too will be alive “in” Him forever after that.

This is also how Jesus can live His life through us.

In Romans 6:4 the Bible says that we were buried with Him by baptism into death. This isn’t water baptism, but a symbol of our recognition that Jesus saved us by dying. It then says that just as Jesus raised up from the dead, we can also “walk” or live in a “new way of life.” To learn even more about this, see Romans 6.