Day 2: Re-statement

John 1:2 : The same was in the beginning with God.

Many very important things were written in the Bible only once, but this idea of Jesus being with God at the creation of the universe was important enough to mention twice. Even though I did just talk about this last time, I’m going to talk about it again because it is repeated in the Bible. Evidently, it’s very important for us to understand. God knew what we would be thinking about today and He knew that there would be many questions about creation in the future.

If someone tells you that evolution fits with the Bible, they aren’t getting the point of what evolution teaches. According to the Bible, Jesus was present at the beginning of creation. Evolution is a way of explaining how design happens by chance. The pure theory of evolution claims that God isn’t really necessary to make the universe. Some try to add God to evolution but the Bible teaches that God made the universe. We have a supernatural witness that claims to have been there when it happened. Because of this, Christians can know more than science can determine.

This also tells us that Jesus was a person before he was born as a man on earth; that He lived outside of our existence. He existed at creation but was later to be born in the form of a man. This first chapter of John discusses this in greater detail in the next verses. But for today, let’s remember the fact that the Bible stresses that He was there at the beginning with God.