Day 3: Jesus The Creator

John 1:3 : All things were made through him. Without him was not anything made that has been made.

In the third verse, John continues to talk about Jesus as “The Word.” It says that not only was Jesus there at the beginning of the world, but that everything was created through Him. Every single thing that was created was created through Him.

It should be very clear by now that God does not think much of evolution. Notice that the word “Created” is said again three times. Not only that, this “Word” was involved in creating everything. It is very interesting that it was by words that God created. He just spoke and everything happened. There is another very interesting thing about words.

We still have words in us. We now know that our physical bodies are created by a program recorded in our very own DNA. In a very obvious way, all of life was not only spoken but written! Isn’t it amazing how important “The Word” is? There appears to be much more about this “Word” that I may never fully understand because it is so great, but that reminds me again of my great God and how much bigger than I He is. Don’t you think a God this big can help us through anything?

We also have the words of the Bible that were written for us. Jesus is the one who, through his Spirit, makes the Bible clear to us.

So from this verse we can see that Jesus was involved in the creation of the universe.