Day 1: A Firm Foundation

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Here we are at the very first verse in the Bible. Unfortunately, many people try to deny the simple meaning in this verse and many of the verses that follow it in Genesis. According to the Bible, it’s not surprising that the book of Genesis is questioned because Satan knows that a foundation is important and when you distort a foundation, you distort everything on top of it. If we can’t take the first verse of the Bible as written, then how can we interpret the rest as written? It shouldn’t matter how a well-liked a Christian leader interprets it. For any “Christian leader,” you will probably find an equal and opposite one. Any human can still be wrong, but the Bible says that God is never wrong. God holds us personally responsible to learn for ourselves what He said.

This verse tells us many things in a very short space. It tells us that the universe had a beginning. It took scientists many years to develop laws and mathematical models in order to realize this same thing. This shows us that history is more effective at communicating the truth in a timely way than science. So, lest we die in ignorance waiting for science, let’s keep looking at the history written by God for us in the Bible.

From this verse we also find that God was already there at the beginning of the universe. So, we learn that God transcends time. Therefore, we shouldn’t ask where God came from because, by definition, God has always been.

We should also recognize that the phrase: “heavens and the earth” means “the universe” today. So, the everlasting God, created the universe. This answers one of mankind’s deepest questions: “Why are we here?” From this verse we see that we are here because God wanted us to be here.

Science: Einstein recognized that matter and energy are related and that time is a physical property. When we combine that with the laws of thermodynamics, we can see that all matter had to have a beginning and couldn’t have always existed as was a common belief for many years before these theories. This also reveals that the “Big Bang” theory technically fails to explain the origin of the universe because it fails to account for the beginning of the thing that exploded.