Author’s Preface

How you view life depends on your most basic beliefs. The foundation of your thinking shades everything else you see in life. Genesis is God’s foundation for us. It gives us the basics about how life started and why we are here. Genesis is so simple, it may even seem childish at times, but when you take the time to study it, you realize that it gives us the basis for everything we take for granted in life. It makes sense that it is simple. Children also need to understand what it says. This daily devotional commentary gives you a chance to read through this foundational book little-by-little each day. It’s worth taking the time, and to meditate on what it means in your life.

Genesis is a real history book. Because it is so real, it forces us to consider some things that aren’t very pleasant. Not only do we read about family, love, blessing and salvation, we must deal with difficult subjects like murder, rape, incest, betrayal and polygamy. When we read the Bible, especially something as foundational as Genesis, it’s important that we hear the whole truth. That’s the way that God intended for us to hear it and that’s why I go to such great lengths to not skip over any verses. It often surprises me how God works to make even these difficult subjects an important part of these devotionals. I hope that God will make it meaningful to you.

There are a lot of attacks against what is written in Genesis. I am well aware of many of the common questions and accusations, including the ones promoted by otherwise Christian educational sources. I hope that this book will help you to maintain or perhaps regain your confidence in the validity of Genesis. I pray that God gives us strength to trust this book as a book of real history and prophesy. May He help us to understand how vital and relevant it is to our lives today.

This book starts a an exciting and fascinating devotional journey through the Old Testament. I hope that you will travel with me as we read through it. I challenge you to read this first book of Genesis with simple faith. If you do, you will begin to understand the world that we live in and the need that we have for God and His Salvation.