Day 106: God Is Everywhere

Jeremiah 23:23-24

“Am I a God at hand,” says Yahweh,
“and not a God afar off?
Can anyone hide himself in secret places
so that I can’t see him?” says Yahweh.
“Don’t I fill heaven and earth?” says Yahweh.

One of the most amazing and important things that shaped my life is the fact that God is everywhere. At a very young age I was taught about God and I remember when I took to heart the fact that God is always there. It is true that we read about God going to different places in the Bible, but that is clearly just one representation of God and I believe that God does it this way for our sake. We really don’t understand how God can be everywhere, but when you accept the truth of it, it can begin to change your life.

When I was young, the thing that really impressed me was that every minute of my life, God was watching. There was no moment to myself when I can do something secretly. Everything is in the open and I think that this is exactly what God is telling the false prophets here. Nothing that they are doing is hidden or secret to Him. I also realized that the fact that God is always watching and that He has expectations of us, shows us that He loves us with a greater love than anyone else. Who else has such high expectations of us? I did discover that I was unable to do good for God, though. I also had to learn that I needed God’s help everywhere I went too. When I finally understood that, I was able to actually start pleasing God everywhere. It doesn’t matter where we go, we always have God with us to help us and to guide us.

Science: Do you realize that our God provides the only true basis for science? The fact that God is everywhere in the universe at once makes Him the logical Creator of natural laws. We expect the laws of nature to be true everywhere. If the laws of nature changed in one part of the universe, then science would no longer work there. In order for science to be useful it demands universal law and universal law has no reason to exist unless the God of the Bible does.