Author’s Preface

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a documentary of the life of Jesus? That’s exactly what we have in the Book of Luke. Other accounts are not necessarily in chronological order and they highlight other things, but Luke was a doctor and he wrote this account based on the testimony of eye-witnesses using more of a documentary style. He provides a level of detail that we find familiar today. It’s like getting to read a blog of Jesus’ life

You can use this book as a daily devotional and follow along with Luke has he takes us through the life of Jesus, or you can just read strait through it, reading several sections at one sitting. You can also use this as a reference when you prepare to study Luke in a group Bible study.

Our culture tends to be prejudiced against supernatural events. There were some like that in Luke’s day, but Luke wasn’t. You get to hear everything that happened, which includes the natural and the supernatural. I also take advantage of Luke’s accuracy and detail and expose some of the logical errors that his enemies made. I discuss common misunderstandings and errors people make about Jesus and Christianity in this book. As a result, this study can also prepare you answer skeptics logically.

Take a fresh look at what happened when Jesus visited us. May it change you as you witness the events of Jesus’ life through the eyes of those who saw Him and find out why it changed their lives and our world forever.