Day 11: The Future and the Womb

Luke 1:31 :

Behold, you will conceive in your womb, and bring forth a son, and will call his name ‘Jesus.’

There are a couple of things I would like to point out about this verse that the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary.

First, notice that God never shies away from predicting the future. I want to bring this up because this is something that man cannot do. One of the biggest evidences for the validity of the Bible is the fact that it is continually predicting very specific things about the future that actually come true.

It is logical to expect that if the God who made the universe is really speaking through the Bible, that it would have no trouble speaking about the future and that’s exactly what we find. This prophesy of Gabriel was to happen very soon compared to many of the prophesies found in the Bible. In fact, some of the prophesy that Gabriel talks about in this chapter hasn’t even happened yet, but this verse has already happened.

Second, notice that God brings up the subject of the womb. As I was growing up I thought that this was kind of weird, but now I can see why this is so important. Today, in my culture, people attempt to force their minds to think that “that conceived thing” in the womb is not even a person. The Bible is clear that it is a person. We will also be finding out more about that as we go along. Already, we have read in the prophesy to Zacharias that John the Baptist would have the Holy Spirit from the womb, and now we read this. Notice that we are still in Luke 1 and we have had a couple of discussions about abortion. This is a very, very serious issue right now. There is no shame in voting based on this issue alone! Why? Because murder is not something that an elected official should approve of. If a child in the womb is a person, then killing it is obviously murder. That’s why abortion is a big issue to those who are Biblically minded.

It’s a good thing that the unwed mother of Jesus decided to go with God on this one and allow Jesus to be born don’t you think? This birth became the source of a great deal of shame among her peers as you might imagine. It continues that way today as people disregard supernatural history in favor of their sinful lifestyles. We are all very grateful that Jesus was born to remove our sinful lifestyles because it is these very lifestyles that were leading us to a rightful death.