Day 17: Holy is His Name

Luke 1:49 :

For he who is mighty has done great things for me.
Holy is his name.

Mary continues this prophesy, demonstrating the greatness of God when compared to anyone else. She says that God is mighty, and it is implied that she is not because the mighty one was the one who did great things for her. She gives all of the glory for everything that is happening to her to God.

I am sure that if Mary knew that people were attempting to compare her to God in any way she would be horrified. Mary is just like us. We were also blessed by God because Jesus came as God and gave up His own life, taking the punishment for our sin. Jesus’ name is Holy to us also for He has done great things for us. If we were to do any good at all for the rest of our lives here on earth, and we should, it would be a tragedy if someone started worship us because of that. All the good we do is because “He who is mighty has done great things” for us. All of us who have come to Christ have realized that we could not be good without the mighty one.

The world “Holy” means “set apart.” One of the problems with raising up a man or a woman so that they appear to be like God is that it makes God less “set apart” from them. Mary was making it clear that God is Holy. He is set apart from all of us.

Mary was a person who needed things to be done for her. She was not in a position to bring things about for herself. God doesn’t need anyone and brings all things into existence by His own will and word. Mary points us to the “mighty” one which reveals that, as a needy person herself, she cannot help us. So, we see that it doesn’t make sense according to the Bible to pray to Mary, but it does make sense to pray to God who is able to do anything just because He wants to.