Author’s Preface

Galatians is a very important book of the Bible. It exposes one of the most common ways Christians are deceived. It address the questions: “Are Christians required to follow God’s Law after believing?” and “Why did God give the Law?” Probably the most important question it address is: “How is the Christian life supposed to be lived?”

Paul was both concerned and angry when he wrote this letter. He had been treated so well by the Galatians when he first came to them that the cold shoulder he was getting from them at the time of this letter was heart-breaking and scary. Paul already knew what the problem was. Men had come to them after he had gone and confused them. They became so confused that Paul wondered if he had wasted his efforts on them.

As a result of the horrible things that Paul went through during this time, we have one of the most “black and white” books of the Bible on a subject that still troubles churches to this day.

Paul speaks in absolute terms in this book, even to the point of saying that if the Gospel is changed by an angel or even himself they should both go to Hell. To those of us crushed by our attempts to follow rules in church, this book is comforting because we discover that there is absolutely no requirement on a Christian to live under the Law of the Old Testament, and there was no better set of rules ever devised. Paul explains in detail, and that is what I highlight in my commentary. As Christians we are free from the law as means of living the Christian life, but are still responsible to the Law of Christ.

In the process see evidence that Peter wasn’t a pope, that good Christians do suffer, and that problems in the church need to be treated not ignored.

Join me as we take 72 days and find out what it really means to live in freedom as a Christian.