Day 69: Persecution Avoiders

Galatians 6:12 :

As many as desire to look good in the flesh, they compel you to be circumcised; only that they may not be persecuted for the cross of Christ.

Those who preach a rule-following “gospel” are looking out for themselves. They do want fame and fortune, but they don’t want to get in any trouble. Truth has little value to these preachers. In Paul’s day it was the a sect of the Jews, who would go around and make sure that the Christians made converts to Judaism before Christianity. In reality, they were living as neither Christian nor Jew should.

Today, we have those who believe that certain things should be considered in an un-biblical way like abortion, homosexuality, evolution, global warming and many others. The biblical world-view does not permit Christians to have the common, acceptable view of these things. Because we don’t accept the common view, we are persecuted. Sometimes these persecutions are severe and even result in going to jail. Other times, it only results in bad feelings or lower church attendance.

Many preachers today are avoiding discussions about things like hell, blood, Satan and end-times prophesy. They may get popular, but their church is sure to be full of those that never get saved or live in a state of powerlessness as Christians. It would appear that some are only trying to look good and avoid persecution. They may avoid persecution now, but they will face God’s wrath in the future if they don’t change their ways.

The desire for wealth can be deceiving. Some of these leaders may think they are aiming for salvation. That’s where that objective measure of yourself comes in like we discussed earlier. Belief in the “cross of Christ” will bring persecution in this world. We shouldn’t expect it not to happen and we will need the Holy Spirit to help us stand as we make it through.