Day 70: Hypocrisy

Galatians 6:13 :

For even they who receive circumcision don’t keep the law themselves, but they desire to have you circumcised, that they may boast in your flesh.

One thing that I’ve noticed about those who make a big deal about following rules at church is that they are very external. These rules are usually not in the Bible either, but they are able to use parts of the Bible that seem to support their actions when taken out of context. They are careful to select things to focus on that are highly visible but will not expose them as rule breakers.

If they were making some kind of a social club, it would be a little different, but these people call their rules “Christianity.” Christianity is about Christ and He said for us to love each other as He loved us. That’s a pretty big assignment as I have mentioned before. The kind of teachers that Paul is talking about here are aware of the true laws of God, but they insist on focusing on the external rules instead.

Paul says that these legalists were seeking to take pride in this external behavior that they helped produce in others. They were proud of their own false accomplishments as they controlled others instead of loving them.

We should never let a religious man control us. He should teach us the true word of God and let us submit to the Holy Spirit’s control. Guilt over external rules is a major distraction and will not help us obey the Law of Christ.

The best thing to do is to leave these false teachers behind and seek good teachers that will teach you the Bible. It may be difficult to find a good Bible teacher, but it will be worth it.