Progress Report

April 4, 2021 Update

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Thank God for His great love and power that has saved all who will repent and believe in what His Son has done for us!

This is my very first progress report. I wanted to have a way to tell members what is going on and I wanted to do it as frequently as possible. Currently, only members can see this and that’s because it’s my special way of communicating with everyone who is participating in this ministry.

My goal is to spread the truth using technology in order to obey the Great Commission that Jesus gave us. It’s a very exciting job for me, but I still don’t have enough members to support the work full time. Even so, I’ve been able to use these “stimulus” checks to live and fight on without any support. This is a great time for all of us to rejoice as our reward for giving our all is great in Heaven!

Currently, the news is focused on companies that are banning Georgia for their efforts to make it hard to falsify votes in that state. I’ve been working to expose the truth and fight the lies that say that this is somehow racist or makes it harder on voters.

I’m now over 120 followers on Parler and I’m getting a larger number of upvotes there. Some of my posts are being viewed by over 1k people. People still don’t upvote or comment on the Bible comments as much, but I’m quite sure they are reading them and that’s what I’m here for.

I’m also using the season to talk directly about Jesus and the resurrection. What a wonderful thing to live in a place where we still celebrate Christian holidays.

By the way, I’m allowing comments below. I will probably have to clean them up from time-to-time as I plan to use this page over and over again for new updates, but feel free to comment.

Back to work…

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