TIPS Spreadsheet

TIPS Tracker Spreadsheet

After purchasing my first TIPS as a way to protect some of my retirement saving from inflation, I wanted to know how it was working.  I was unable to see the current value of my TIPS adjusted for inflation, though.  My online brokerage only shows the current market value of the bonds.  That’s not useful to me since my bonds are not for sale.

When we are simply saving our bonds, what we need to know is the current value of the bond adjusted for inflation.  So I put together an Excel spreadsheet, found the current inflation adjustment ratio from, and calculated the real value of my holdings.  It was pretty neat.

Now, I could completely ignore the bond and stock market.  A few days later, I went back to, got the new inflation adjustment for that day for my bonds and put it into my spreadsheet and the real value went up.  That was pretty cool too.

You Might Want This

I realized the there were probably a lot of people out there who didn’t know how to do this.  I wondered if it would be good idea to develop software that might help me and anyone else who wants to get out of the market and just maintain their inflation protected savings using TIPS and I Bonds.

A New Development

I’m considering the creation of online software that will allow you to track your inflation protected savings.   Would you be interested in it too?

I may also be asking some of you for your thoughts about what you need the most.

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