Day 13: Six Days

Genesis 1:31

God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. There was evening and there was morning, a sixth day.

So, this ends a general summary of how God created the world in six, literal, 24 hour days. Some find it hard to believe that God could do this. To this I say that if God could create all of this complexity in six days, and plan it all outside of time, He could have done it in no time at all. The question we should be asking is why did God use six whole days? That is what people used to ask a few hundred years ago. They thought that God may have used only one day to create the world. We really need to allow God to tell us how He did it since He knows far more than we do. We are his creatures after all.

If you use the whole Bible as context for God’s actions, you can see that later God would command Israel to follow his literal six-day pattern. God even writes the words “six days” in stone on the 10 Commandments! God expected mankind to have a seven day week. I can find no other reason for a seven day week except that God modeled it for us and had it written down. God’s literal, six-day creation is fundamental to daily life on earth.

Notice that God says that “it was very good” this time. What a great way to finish a job! We should finish our major tasks and realize that what we do is “very good” too.