Day 19: Strong Arm

Luke 1:51 :

He has shown strength with his arm.
He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.

Many people today think that Jesus was passive, but there are many real cases in the Bible in which we see that Jesus wasn’t passive at all. It is true that He didn’t come to judge when He came the first time, but He wasn’t passive. If He were, He probably wouldn’t have had so many enemies.

Mary reminds us here that God has a strong arm and He’s not afraid to use it. It is true that God shows mercy to those who respect Him, but He doesn’t just show mercy. God also punishes those who are proud.

I have always found it amazing how God is able to punish our pride by using our own imagination. It isn’t unusual that when I have a proud moment, I am imagining myself to be much bigger than I am and also imagining my circumstances to be much more secure than they really are.

I talk a lot about evolution and how it doesn’t fit with the Bible (even though many try to make to do so). One of the big problems with evolution is that it really is just someone’s imagination gone wild. Without the backing of real eyewitness history, all you have are assumptions based on the evidence you happen to have lying around. If you have ever watched a court proceeding, you can see how easy it is to assume that you know what happened based on the evidence you see, but when you hear a witness, you realize that your original concept of what happened was really just your own imagination.

The reason I bring up evolution in this context, is that the evolutionary imaginations have created a real scattering in both the Church and in many Christian nations in the recent past. Evolution and the “big bang”, when they are accepted without any Biblical evidence and applied in such a way as to cause assumptions to be made about the Bible, introduces the idea that the Bible may be wrong and our imagination may be right.

Thinking this way puts a society in darkness as it willfully goes into a dark age, leaving behind guidance of the word of God that brought their societies out of the darkness. That is how great societies are destroyed. When they become proud and God allows their imagination to destroy their own prosperity. I pray that this won’t happen to us and that God will continue to save us as we trust our lives to His word. I pray that we will stop trying to change His word using our own imagination.