Turn Your Smart Phone Into a Kindle

My book giveaway is over, but it isn’t expensive.  Get it here.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle.  You don’t need one to read Kindle books.  That’s what this post is about.

I think that one of the big reasons that Kindle books are so popular is because you don’t actually need a Kindle to buy and read Kindle books.  They have made it easy for just about anyone with an ability to occasionally connect to the Internet, to enjoy a Kindle books.

What Amazon did, is they created free Kindle apps for all of the major computers and devices.  You can even turn a Blackberry into a Kindle reader.

Probably the simplest way to turn your smart phone into a Kindle is to go to your smart phone’s app store.  When you search, type in the word “Kindle” and take the free app that Amazon provides.

If you have a Windows 8 computer of device, you can search the Windows 8 app store the same way.

If you have an older Windows PC or laptop (all the way back to XP) you can still download a Windows PC app.  All of these apps are completely free.  Click here to see all of the options that Amazon provides.

That doesn’t keep me from getting a Kindle, though.  There are three big reasons I like a separate reading device.  First, it’s easier to read a screen that isn’t backlit like a laptop or a phone and we tend to read for long periods of time.  A Kindle Paperwhite screen is like paper.  Light shines on it, so you can read it in sunlight just like a book.  The second reason is that the battery life is extremely long.  Unlike a phone or a tablet, it lasts for weeks.  Again, it’s almost like a real book only lighter and contains a whole library.  Finally, I like the fact that they gave away free wireless 3G.  This means that you don’t have to have a separate payment plan to connect the Kindle Paperwhite to your library or to go shopping for new books.  If you want this option, though, you have to make sure and buy that option.

Even if you don’t really want a separate Kindle, they have really made it easy to buy and read Kindle books on almost every kind of computer and computerized device.

One last thing:  If you got the book, please review 183 Days in John on Amazon, it helps the books ranking and it helps people make the decision when they are shopping.  Thanks for your help.