Getting Covid Medicine

Here’s where to get medicine that has been helping people overcome Covid illness. Experience shows that it’s best to take these kinds of supplements before you get sick if possible.

Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Stella Immanuel
Dr. Stella discovered the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine early on and was quickly banned. She has set up a complete telehealth system by which you can talk to a doctor online and then get a prescription to protect you from another round of Covid.

Here is some more advice about finding and using Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine from Dr. Lee Merritt.

Over-The-Counter Supplementation

Dr. Zelenko used a combination of over-the-counter supplements to heal his patients when hydroxychloroquine was forcibly removed from him in New York during the outbreak. He currently has two formulas that can be used. They may not be as powerful as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, but they have proven to get the job done. I used his formula when I had my Covid symptoms.

Find out all about Dr. Zelenko’s method and where to get the supplements here.

Why Be Concerned Now?

If you are wondering why I’m still concerned about Covid, it’s because the vaccines may have caused a much bigger problem than had we left the disease to burn out on its own. You can learn more from where I did my investigation on the continuing concerns of Covid here:

The inventor of mRNA technology is against the use of his technology right now for the Covid vaccine and agrees with argument underlying link above. See:

These two witnesses, who are both knowledgeable and credible, are warning us that the vaccination program is producing variants that will most likely create a strain completely resistant to the vaccine. If you are concerned about their discussion of “evolution” just know that they are not talking about molecules-to-man evolution which is false and never been observed. They are talking about change in an observable sense when mutation pressure is exerted on an an organism, similar to what we seen when breeding animals.

Here’s another good perspective:


Here is some evidence that suggests that the vaccinated are seeing an increase in sickness.

Here’s a study in a peer reviewed Journal if you want to see science on the issue.

Report an Injury

If you have a vaccine injury to report, here’s an easier way to do it than going directly to the CDC.

A Declaration: Introducing the Inflation Protected Dollar (IPD)

I, Troy Taft, on this day, February 21st, 2022, do establish that one Inflation Protected Dollar (IPD) shall be defined as 1/200 of the CPI-U (U.S. city average, All items – CUUR0000SA0) and that this unit, and denominations thereof, are to be used in exchanges as legal tender, from this day fourth and until God determines its useful end.

This shall remain fixed unless it is determined that the CPI-U fails in its purpose to accurately express the change in the price of goods compared to the United States Dollar (USD) or until a more stable method of tender is found, which maintains the strongest link to the same value in commonly consumable goods and services that it may purchase.

Dr Zelenko’s Discovery of Quercetin for Covid

Click here to get Dr. Zelenko’s Zinc with Quercetin formula.

Here’s another source that contains just Zinc and Quercetin.

Here’s where you can get vitamin C and Quercetin.

Here’s another good place to get supplements online.

Music for our Time

Alex Jones: The Most Vaccinated Areas are the Most Sick Ones

Alex Jones is saying that the data is obvious. The places that are the sickest are the ones that have the largest amounts of vaccinated people.

Here’s the article that Alex mentions:

Here’s the full video:

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Democrats Used to Warn about Voting Machines

Here’s evidence of a double standard among certain democrats. Watch this and see that they know that the voting machines are a major concern in our elections.

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Pastors are Avoiding Government Matters

Why do pastors and leaders avoid talking about government matters? Thankfully, there are a few who do, but it appears that the vast majority in the United States avoid talking about the government.

This is not wise because the Word of God has things to say about what is going on in government today. Without the Bible being applied to government, government has a chance to go unchecked and become increasingly wicked. I believe that it is very likely that the reason we are seeing the horrific wickedness in government now is because we as believers have avoided our responsibility to apply the Great Commission to the government.

Jesus told us to go into “all the world” and to teach “everything” Jesus commanded. Jesus commanded that government is not to be wicked and is also to submit to Jesus. The Great Commission even says that “all authority has been given to me.” This means that even the Great Commission says that governments must all submit to Jesus. This is what we are to teach those in government so that they can be convicted of sin and accept the Gospel which saves them from their sin.

If we refuse to show people their sin, we are refusing to preach the Gospel. Here’s a message from one pastor who understands this issue. He’s also guiding his congregation to not take the vaccines. You can hear the reasoning in this video: