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Here’s a practical way to promote the freedom of speech!

If you get an app that reads RSS feeds, you can:

  • Get updates from your favorite sources automatically
  • Avoid having to use email to get your updates.
  • Go around censorship by bypassing Apple, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and everyone else.
  • Get my daily devotions automatically
  • Get updates from Troy Taft Library

Using an RSS feed reader is like making your own “Twitter” or newspaper that comes directly to your app. “RSS” stands for Real Simple Syndicate and it’s just a technology that makes it possible for websites to share their content directly with your app. Your app just goes to the website for you and checks to see if anything is new. Because you go directly to the websites from your app, it bypasses the censorship that could happen in the middle.

You can get an RSS feed reader apps from Google Play or the Apple App store. The Windows app store also has RSS reader apps. Just search for “RSS Feed Reader” and then copy feeds and paste them into the place where feeds can be added in your app. Some email apps already have a place for you to add RSS feeds. If you use Microsoft Outlook app on your desktop computer, here are instructions for using RSS feeds using the Outlook app.

I’m currently using an app on my Android phone called “Aggregator“. I’m also using Thunderbird for email which also allows you to get messages from RSS feeds. Here they are:

Get help from a friend if you need to

You might need to get the help of the person you know that always helps you do things on your phone. Just show them this page and they will probably figure out how to do it if they don’t know already. Just “Copy” a feed below and add it into your app by pasting it into the place where your app takes the feed address or “URL”.

My List of RSS Feeds

This Site’s Feeds
Troy Taft Library:  
Current Daily Devotional:  
General News Feeds
The Worldview in 5 Minutes:  
RedVoice Media:  
One America News Network:  
WND News:  
The Gateway Pundit:  
CD Media:  
CBN News:  
Western Journal:  
Charlie Kirk:  
Creation and Science Feeds
Biblical Science Institute:  
Answers in Genesis:  
Institute for Creation Research:  
Creation Ministries International:  
More Feeds
Judicial Watch:  
The Highwire:  
Defy Tyrants:  
Financial Issues: