Bible Questions

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2 thoughts on “Bible Questions

  1. Your Podcasts stopped playing in both Google Podcast and Tuneine about 3 weeks ago. Google Podcast states that the content is insecure. I’ve tried on Android, iOS and PC (Browser based) players. If you were unaware, I encourage you to test and verify. It appears that you continue to publish. We are just unable to play through any technology, means or delivery mechanism.

    • I’m still seeing Google podcast and TuneIn, but I would not trust in going through either of them. I can’t be sure that they share a Christian worldview. The most reliable technology is the technology that is maintained and supported by those who don’t oppose Jesus and His worldview. That is why I’m suggesting that people start moving to the use of RSS apps. If you can, try to get a couple of RSS apps as I suggest at my News Feeds Page. RSS is a technological standard that has your app to call my site for new updates and then informs you but without having to hold onto messages like texting or email. The reason this went out temporarily was because I had a problem with my provider over the update of third-party “certificates”. This should now be corrected for most people.

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