Getting Covid Medicine

Here’s where to get medicine that has been helping people overcome Covid illness. Experience shows that it’s best to take these kinds of supplements before you get sick if possible.


According to respected doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough, this over-the-counter supplement has actually been detected to dissolve the spike protein which is the harmful element of both Covid and the shots falsely referred to as “vaccines.” Unfortunately, other testers cannot verify that it actually works against the product itself. There may be a difference between what Covid is and what it is made out to be. At this time, I can’t be certain that this will actually help against Covid, but it may be a good supplement.

Here’s a link to more on this.

Here’s another place to get it.

Chlorine Dioxide

This may be the most cheap and effective treatment that I have heard about. I added this section to the page long after it was first published because I was unaware of it. This treatment has been used by missionaries in several parts of the world. The surprising thing is that it can be made from scratch.

Here is Dr. Lee Merritt’s instructions on how to make and use Chlorine Dioxide.

Here is Doctor Merritt’s interview with a pastor who is now in jail because he gives people this medicine.

Here’s a documentary on its use that answers to criticism surrounding its use.

If you are going to make it yourself, it’s a very good idea to watch these two videos ( Making MMS and Making the Activator )

Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Stella Immanuel
Dr. Stella discovered the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine early on and was quickly banned. She has set up a complete telehealth system by which you can talk to a doctor online and then get a prescription to protect you from another round of Covid.

Here is some more advice about finding and using Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine from Dr. Lee Merritt.

Over-The-Counter Supplementation

Dr. Zelenko used a combination of over-the-counter supplements to heal his patients when hydroxychloroquine was forcibly removed from him in New York during the outbreak. He currently has two formulas that can be used. They may not be as powerful as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, but they have proven to get the job done. I used his formula when I had my Covid symptoms.

Find out all about Dr. Zelenko’s method and where to get the supplements here.

What if you already took the shot?

Here’s what Dr. Artis has discovered by investigating what was used to make the covid vaccines. He discovered that they used an element of snake venom and then discovered how to disrupt that venom. He also discovered what helps to stop its operation and reverse some of the effects.

Dr. Ardis suggests these things that are available over-the-counter as suplements:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Nicotine
  • Glutethone
  • NAC
  • EDTA

Also, consider getting some Nattokinase. Which is said to dissolve spike protein.

Why Be Concerned Now?

A few months ago, I mentioned that esteemed leaders in virology and epidemiology were very concerned that a new Covid strain would emerge because of the massive vaccination that was being done on the population of the world during a pandemic.

It turns out, thankfully, that their concerns did not happen, at least not yet. Also, many people have started to refuse to take Covid vaccinations.

Even so, it has now become increasingly clear, that Covid was probably never a virus in the first place, but some kind of biological or chemical toxin that may have been spread using nanotechnology. This only increases the concern that the same people who did this attack might do it again. It would now appear to be even more important have cures for these kinds of attacks on hand.


Here is some evidence that suggests that the vaccinated are seeing an increase in sickness.

Here’s a study in a peer reviewed Journal if you want to see science on the issue.

Report an Injury

If you have a vaccine injury to report, here’s an easier way to do it than going directly to the CDC.

Dr Zelenko’s Discovery of Quercetin for Covid

Click here to get Dr. Zelenko’s Zinc with Quercetin formula.

Here’s another source that contains just Zinc and Quercetin.

Here’s where you can get vitamin C and Quercetin.

Here’s another good place to get supplements online.

Music for our Time

Alex Jones: The Most Vaccinated Areas are the Most Sick Ones

Alex Jones is saying that the data is obvious. The places that are the sickest are the ones that have the largest amounts of vaccinated people.

Here’s the article that Alex mentions:

Here’s the full video:

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Pastors are Avoiding Government Matters

Why do pastors and leaders avoid talking about government matters? Thankfully, there are a few who do, but it appears that the vast majority in the United States avoid talking about the government.

This is not wise because the Word of God has things to say about what is going on in government today. Without the Bible being applied to government, government has a chance to go unchecked and become increasingly wicked. I believe that it is very likely that the reason we are seeing the horrific wickedness in government now is because we as believers have avoided our responsibility to apply the Great Commission to the government.

Jesus told us to go into “all the world” and to teach “everything” Jesus commanded. Jesus commanded that government is not to be wicked and is also to submit to Jesus. The Great Commission even says that “all authority has been given to me.” This means that even the Great Commission says that governments must all submit to Jesus. This is what we are to teach those in government so that they can be convicted of sin and accept the Gospel which saves them from their sin.

If we refuse to show people their sin, we are refusing to preach the Gospel. Here’s a message from one pastor who understands this issue. He’s also guiding his congregation to not take the vaccines. You can hear the reasoning in this video:

Expert Opinion Against the Covid Vaccine

You may know a medical professional that is pushing you to take the vaccine. If you do or if you are feeling pressure, make sure you make an informed decision by listening to medical professionals who disagree. This will allow you to make your own decision with as much information as you can find.

It’s been difficult to provide this information to the public because the professionals in favor of the vaccine and those in positions of power tend to not want their word to be questioned. That kind of behavior is not only against human rights, it is unethical. No one should be made to make a decision without being allowed to hear all of the information available to them on the subject, especially when death and permanent illness is involved.

This first video is a video that was made some time ago by large group of international medical professionals. These professionals advise against taking the vaccine and explain why.

This video was not received well by the BBC and they made a program against it. As a result, a new video was made to respond to false accusations by the BBC. This illustrates how devious the people have been who have been trying to push the vaccines on you. They appear to be afraid of what certain people think.

Here’s the new video that was made after the BBC report:

Here’s another expert. Dr. Lee Meritt is great at explaining why masks don’t make sense as well as the the technical reasons why the vaccine is a potential danger. She does a great job of explaining these difficult subjects to less educated people. What she has to say is not easy to report because she makes the vaccine danger easy to understand.

One of the big issues that I want to address is those who have already been vaccinated. I have heard news that some of these brave doctors are currently working on was to help those who have already been vaccinated. May God help them and us to find a way to stop any potential harm that it may cause. I hope to report on this as I get more information.

Be Informed about the Covid Shot

This is something that everyone should see before they decide to take the Covid-19 shot. Why is it that our government and our institutions are not telling us about these things? It gives credibility to the notion that they are intentionally participating in making us less healthy. It causes us to believe that it is possible that these so-called vaccines are actually a bio-terrorist weapon.