Are Corporate Executives Ruthlessly Hiding Vaccine Danger?

This is testimony from someone who says that they are a recruiter for Oil and Gas executives. This is only one witness and we don’t know who she is for sure but what she gives witness to is concerning enough to pay attention to.

She claims that she is being asked to prepare to replace everyone in their organization who has received the vaccine, within three years.

If anyone hears anything more like this, it’s important to make it known.

Significant Medical Experts Believe Vaccines are Bio-Terror

This is a difficult thing to accept, but one a rational person should consider. Many of the world’s leading experts in the medical field are violently against the COVID vaccines. Most of the professionals were previously proponents of vaccination.

Here we learn that some of them believe the evidence strongly suggests that both COVID-19 and the experimental vaccines are bio-terror weapons.

These particular experts are very well educated and some of those who would know what they are talking about. They are just two of others that agree.

Sidney Powell: Businesses are Murdering their Employees with the Vaccine

It’s time for businesses and governments to wake up. The lawyers know what they are doing. They are killing people with the Vaccine and pretending that it’s healthy. Thankfully, leaders like Sidney Powell aren’t standing for it.

Studies Show Covid is Over and Vax Must be Stopped

In this video, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. clearly and patiently explains why several recent studies indicate that we are already cured of Covid and its variants.

Then he explains that studies have also discovered that the shot may cause your body to fight itself, especially the second dose.

Please watch this and consider it carefully.

Another Good Interview with Judy Mikovits

I think that God gave us Judy Mikovits for a time such as this. Not only did she personally know Tony Fauci, she is a biologist and scientist who worked on treatments in labs. She knows exactly what is involved in things like “gain of function research” because she did it. She was also willing to go to jail to protect us all from what the medical industry is attempting to poison us with. Here’s an interview she had a while back in which she discusses Covid vaccines and Tony Fauci.

A Practical Way to Stop Covid Tyranny

One way to help stop the way that Covid-19 and the vaccines were used to control the population is for American’s to exercise their rights. As Americans, the bulk of government power rests in our hands. That’s a responsibility and a privilege. It’s a responsibility because as leaders of our own republic, we must actively call wrong-doers to account. That’s what the Frontline Doctors are doing.

In this case the Frontline Doctors are initiating and paying for a lawsuit against those who refused to fill prescriptions for Hydroxychloroquine. If you are a doctor that was denied a prescription or a patient that was denied treatment, you can participate in the lawsuit.

Visit this website and fill out the form

The Frontline Doctors have already filed a complaint requesting that Covid vaccination be stopped for children.